About Me

About Me

Craig Weidert

I grew up in the shrub-steppe landscape of south-eastern Washington State. My father is an engineer who helps clean up the Hanford Site and my mother is a public health nurse who educates people about their impending and newly born babies. I've also got a brother who teaches math in the Portland area. When we were little, we spent a lot of time running around with our cousins on the farm where my mom grew up. My family is the best.

I have always enjoyed math and science. The highlight of my pre-college days is probably participating in the National Science Bowl with some of my high school friends. I was also a pretty avid soccer player for a number of years. After high school, I studied math and computer science at Harvey Mudd College, a small tech school east of Los Angeles. Following that, I moved to Vancouver for a couple of years to attend Simon Fraser University and double down on the computer science degrees.

In 2010, I joined the Math for America, Los Angeles program, which is designed to help build and support math teachers in the greater Los Angeles area. I taught geometry, statistics, and computer science in the Los Angeles Unified School District for five years. I have a lot of feelings about it, but it was mostly pretty good.

In 2016, I married my wonderful wife. I retired from teaching that June and now engineer software for Google over in Venice Beach. I'm on a team that creates tools to determine how effective advertisers' ad campaigns are. That way, advertisers will have more reason to give Google the dollars and we can keep making cool stuff.

In 2020, our son was born. We're very excited to see him.