Craig Weidert's Projects


Hi! I'm Craig Weidert.

This website contains some of the things I've worked on. I also have a modest github presence. Note that since starting work at Google in 2017, my work on programming side projects has tapered off. And as of May 2020, I have a kid, so free time is at a premium!

Java Programs

You can view summaries of these on my programs page. There are pictures and everything.

Data Visualizations, Etc.

You can view summaries of these on my data visualizations page. Again, there are pictures.

Machine Learning

I haven't done anything too crazy with machine learning outside of taking a couple of classes, but it's very interesting to me. I talk a little more about it here.

HTML & Websites

I know a bit about HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc and have made a few websites.


I sometimes like to play music, though I'm not very good. Here are a few public domain songs I have transcribed. I've included the musescore files so that they're easy to edit.
  • Gymnopedie No. 1 - Erik Satie, 1888 (pdf, mscz)
  • Maple Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin, 1899 (pdf, mscz)
  • My Blue Heaven - Walter Donaldson, 1927 (pdf, mscz)

Articles, Etc

  • My Resume
  • Instructions for the "Face Card / Kill Card" game that some friends and I made up.
  • An article relating skid patches and simplified fractions.
  • My master's thesis about how many edges an ordered bipartite graph can contain before it must contain a paritcular subgraph. Alternately, it's about how many zeros you can cram into a zero-one matrix before that matrix must contain a particular different matrix as a submatrix.
  • A paper summarizing some research I did with a few other students during the 2006 Research Experience for Undergraduates program at Harvey Mudd College. It describes some approximation algorithms / heuristics for routing traffic requests through a sub-network with a single source node and multiple bands / wavelengths along which the traffic can be sent. It's like a weird case of bin packing.

Friends' Websites